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If your balcony, terrace or garden corner looks drab and needs a makeover, come to us. The Trendwood OÜ product range is supplemented with finished products:

The table and two-in-one pouffe seat /seedling box are made from heat treated wood. The design, dimensions and versatile applications of the products make them perfect for a smaller balcony. You can also combine multiple products to furnish a larger terrace, garden corner or summer kitchen.

The seedling box can be used to grow herbs in the summer or different seasonal plants all year round.

Trendwood-3534    Trendwood-3508    Trendwood-3531

  • Table dimensions: table top 60 x 60cm, table height 70.5cm
    Price: €43.90
  • Pouffe seat /seedling box dimensions: 37 x 41cm, pouffe height (with lid on) 39cm
    Price: €23.90

The products are available at the Trendwood OÜ sales facility in Pikk tn 4 (in the yard). If you cannot visit the sales facility, let us know and the products will be sent to you!


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